About Us

About Us

Mechatronics Technologies Corporation is a TESDA accredited technical vocational institution (training and assessment center)

SEC Registration No. CS200404487 dated March 19, 2004


A leading driver of high-end technical competencies for the manpower needs of the top growth industries.


To delight and efficiently serve clients’ training needs through effective business processes to attain consistent financial viability and corporate growth.

Quality Policy / Commitment

MTC is committed to quality training systems and services for our clients and stakeholders, and ensure the competence, relevance, productivity and competitiveness of its trainees and graduates.

MTC as Training Provider:

Training Programs

  • Employability Enhancement – for jobseekers or new entrants to the workforce.
  • Entry Level – for newly hired personnel to start them right
  • Skills Upgrading/Updating – for higher and updated competencies and career growth






Training Delivery (Modality) Systems

  • In-Center: Conducted at MTC’s training center at UPISSI.
  • Dual Training System: Two training venues – in school and in-plant
  • Mobile Training: Conducted where and when it will be best for MTC clients






Training Quality Assurance

  • Industry Standard Training Systems, Equipment and Facilities
  • Trainers are Industry Practitioners
  • Comprehensive Industry, Professional and Academe Partnerships, and Affiliations




MTC’s Inherent Strengths As a Training and Assessment Center:

  • MTC is an industry player
  • Wide range of industry-relevant, TESDA accredited courses
  • Mandatory assessment / certification (TESDA Standards) for covered trainings
  • Trainers and technical staff are industry practitioners.
  • Industry-standard training systems, equipment and facilities
  • Comprehensive Industry, Professional and Academe Partnerships, Affiliations and Principals
  • Continuing career development – courses are from basic to advanced
  • TESDA mobile and dual training accreditation
  • Access to world class and state-of-the-art technologies
  • Access to TWSP and OWWA SESP scholarships
  • Capability to facilitate overseas trainings
  • PRC Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Provider – Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines (IIEE), Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines (IECEP)
  • MTC Training Systems, Facilities and Equipment–Industry standards as they are applied in equipment and processes in different industry sectors.